Dr. Jesús Ruiz-Cabello

Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) at CIC biomaGUNE, CIBERES, Ikerbasque Foundation and Universidad Complutense Madrid (UCM). San Sebastián/Donostia, Spain

Jesús Ruiz-Cabello, chemist from the Univ. Granada in 1986, earned his Ph.D. with honors from UCM in 1990. Professor since 2010 and, since 2018 IKERBASQUE research professor at the CIC Biomagune. Past head of the Advanced Imaging Unit at CNIC until February 2017. Member of the Ciber of Respiratory Diseases (Ciberes) since 2008 & currently Assistant Director of Research since 2015.

He has led EU initiatives and coordinated a Marie Curie EU network project, over 57 projects, PI in 43 (5 European projects) and a coordinator in 6 (including one European project). Co-author over 225 articles and chapters.

Co-inventor of 8 patents, 7 European and 1 utility model. He played a crucial role in founding Numio Technologies SL.

Current research on pulmonary hypertension, exploring structural, functional, and molecular imaging for diagnosis and monitoring new treatments & investigating the impact of dietary and environmental factors on these pathologies.